Ignite + Inspire + Influence

We’re a Pop-Up Social Media & Influencer Events & Production Company specializing in online and offline video creation, events, campaigns, and influencer activities.

Being a part of the blogging and content creating community since 1999, we are the community. We’ve been working alongside the influencers creating, strategizing, and activating them for brands and campaigns.

We energize & activate brand conversations!

Working together with you to successfully build your brand’s awareness and digital footprint on the platforms your audience is ready to engage on.

SparkFete Founders:

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More on Beth Rosen & MJ Tam:

MJ Tam & Beth Rosen are New Media innovators and professional bloggers who are always finding new ways in bridging gaps between the new and old media dichotomy. Both built strong voices in the blogging community and run Sparkfete – A Pop-Up Video, Events & Media Production company. They launched Chicago’s Popular Social Talk Show, The #ChicagonistaLIVE Show and broadcast live from notable Chicago locations such as the Willis Tower, John Hancock Building, Navy Pier, and more. They also continually produce highly-engaged events such as the annual Women Driving Excellence and Windy City Soiree.

MJ Tam & Beth Rosen are experts in brand & blogger relationships both using their years of experience with MJ blogging since 1999 and running a gamut of collaborative blog since 2006 along with producing #BBSummit (Brands & Blogggers Summit) and Beth Rosen producing the BAM Conference, podcasting veteran on NBC, she was the original “Mom Talk Radio” radio personality, and WGN TV segment mom.


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